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Heritabilities and genetic correlations for weight, length and survivability in fresh water and salt water of SO and S1 coho salmon, (Oncorhynchus kisutch) Swift, Bruce D.


Heritabilties and genetic correlations using Individual Animal Model, (IAM), analysis for weight, length and survivability were determined in both freshwater and saltwater rearing of s0 and si1 coho, (Oncorhynchus kisutch). The most important trait to salmon farmers is the saltwater market weight which was found to have heritability estimates of 0.21 and 0.45 for the s1 and s0 smolts. Estimates of heritability for survival were high, (0.29 and 0.21) for both s0 and s1 rearing strategies. Genetic correlations between freshwater and saltwater size were small, (0.33 to 0.59) indicating selection for market weight should be done during the saltwater market weight window. Significant differences were found for weight and length between strains during freshwater and saltwater rearing for both s0 and si1 coho. The northern strains, (Kitimat, Bella Coola and Pallant Creek) were significantly larger in weight and length thanthe southern strains, (Big Qualicum and Robertson Creek). The Kitimat strain was larger in weight and length than the Bella Coola and Pallant Creek strains but lower than these two strains for percent survivability. When comparing fish from the Kitimat strain reared on both a s0 and s1 rearing strategy, it was found that the s1 fish were significantly larger than the s0 fish at the market weight window.

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