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Studies of vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhiza in Wanagama I Forest Research Center, Yogyakarta, Indonesia Sancayaningsih, Retno Peni


Three studies were conducted on VA mycorrhiza in Wanagama Forest Research Center, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The first was on VA mycorrhizal status of four forest species (Acacia mangium, Acacia holosericea, Tectona grandis, and Swietenia macrophylla) plantations and nurseries of Acacia mangium and Tectona grandis. Samples from the field were only taken during the dry season, June 1988. These four six-year old forestry species were mycorrhizal. Nursery plants had higher VAM colonization than the plantation roots and both Acacia species have higher percent colonization than the other two species. Available phosphorus in calcareous soils is low and seems not to be a major contribution to the variation of VAM colonization. Potassium and sodium were more important in this case even though their role could not be determined in this study. The second study was conducted to determine VAM fungal species associated with the plant species. There were 16 different spore types belonging to the genera Glomus, (the most common found), Sclerocystis, Scutellispora, and probably Acaulospora. Type of inoculum and host compatibility were suggested as important factors in the success of pot culture study. The third study was carried out in a growth chamber to determine Acacia spp. response to single VAM fungal species and mixed species inoculum. Single species inoculum in both Acacia was observed to improve biomass and plant growth better than the mixed inoculum. Acacia mangium performed better with Glomus versiforme than did A. holosericea. Host compatibility, effectiveness of VAM spore inoculant, infectivity and environmental factors have major effects on plant growth responses. Study of tropical VAM requires further basic research, including taxonomy. Experimental procedures such as pot culture technique, type of inoculum, growth media and host plant specificity along with evaluation of appropriate soil chemical analysis also requirefurther elaboration. These types of studies are needed to understand the relationship between VAM and the environment and in the application studies in agriculture and forestry. This information is especially important in tropical countries, where little research results and limited resources, such as for fertilizers, are available.

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