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An evaluation of an experimental science enrichment program : "Light and illusion", Vancouver School Board, Arts and Sciences Centre, Vancouver, B.C. September 1980-June 1981 Letcher, Marshall


This study evaluated an experimental program in informal learning, “Light and Illusion,” developed by the Vancouver School Board in cooperation with the Arts and Sciences Centre of Vancouver. A mail questionnaire was developed based upon a review of the literature on informal learning . The questionnaire was distributed to the Vancouver School Board teachers who visited the workshop with their students. The study was conducted over a three month period; 94 of the 150 questionnaires sent out were returned (69% return ) . The questionnaire sought to determine which teachers (grade level and subject area) used the workshop, how teachers used the workshop, what teachers liked and disliked about the workshop, and what suggestions they had for future workshops. The results were reported as percentage responses to the questionnaire items. In addition , a series of observations and recommendations were made. In particular the study showed that 90% of the attending teachers were highly satisfied with the workshop as a learning experience for their students. They commented favorably on the quality of the exhibits , freedom of choice, and the noticeable increase in student interest in science. Elementary teachers rated the workshop more highly than did secondary teachers, although both indicated they benefited by seeing their students work in a novel environment. Teachers thought that further informal learning workshops should be offered to students through the cooperation of the Vancouver School Board and the Arts and Sciences Centre.

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