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Examination of cardiovascular function in conscious hypertensive diabetic rats Schenk, Johannes


This investigation was concerned with measuring aspects of cardiac function in conscious control, diabetic, hypertensive control, and hypertensive diabetic rats. Preliminary studies were conducted to determine catheter suitability and acute responses to atropine and angiotensin II in conscious animals. The catheter-manometer was tested using a square wave impact and was shown to accurately reproduce a left ventricular pressure pulse. Intravenous atropine caused both heart rate and left ventricular +dP/dt to rise. Intravenously administered angiotensin II caused systolic blood pressure to increase dramatically. In this case heart rate fell and +dP/dt was elevated. Hypertension was induced with deoxycorticosterone acetate (DOCA) and saline drinking water. Rats were first made diabetic with streptozotocin (60 mg/kg; i.v.). One week following this, subcutaneous DOCA (25 mg/kg) was administered twice weekly and all animals received saline drinking water. Following 2 and 5 weeks of DOCA treatment rats were catheterized and resting cardiovascular function was measured. DOCA treatment caused increased systolic and diastolic blood pressures to occur in control and diabetic rats at 2 and 5 weeks. Bradycardia was also observed in DOCA-diabetic and DOCA-control rats at 2 and 5 weeks of treatment. Two and 5 week hypertensive diabetic and control rats exhibited elevated -dP/dt and +dP/dt. The rate of contraction was shown to be proportional to the magnitude of systolic blood pressure in all treatment groups. It is concluded that diabetic rats and control rats did not differ in their response to hypertension after 5 weeks of DOCA treatment.

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