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An evaluation of intervention designed to teach communication strategies to care-givers of nursing home residents Rennert, Karin I.


This study evaluated the ability of nursing home staff to implement communication strategies as a result of inservice education. Seventeen subjects, from two occupational groups (patient care aides, and rehabilitation staff), were observed twice each during routine interactions with the nursing home residents. The measurement tool consisted of 11 communication behaviours, which were scored according to degree of use. There were two categories of strategies: those that could be used in all situations, and those that were appropriate only for some situations. Results were mixed: the experimental group (N=5), who attended the inservice, showed an increase in the use of latter category of communication strategies, while the control group (N=12) decreased their use of the same strategies. In the former category of strategies, no difference was found between the experimental and control groups. The discussion focused on possible sources of confound, and recommendations for further research.

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