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High school seniors' perceptions of nursing Grieve, Anna Marguerite


Declining enrollments in nursing programs, combined with the negative image of nursing as a profession, stimulated the author to investigate the current status of the nursing profession as viewed by a group of senior high school students. Using a questionnaire, subjects were asked to identify those areas they believed nurses to work in, and those job activities nurses performed. As well, they were asked a series of questions related to educational requirements of nurses and whether or not they would consider a nursing career, and, if not, possible reasons for their decision. In the final portion of the questionnaire students responded to statements on occupational image and occupational preference. Findings revealed that students had definite perceptions of nursing. While some of these were accurate, others were not consistent with the nature of the nursing profession today. Results of this study can be used by the nursing profession to plan a suitable advertising campaign with the primary purpose of informing young people about the career opportunities within the nursing profession, as well as dispelling many of the old myths related to the profession. Such efforts will help students perceive of the nursing profession positively. This in turn will encourage more young people to pursue a nursing career and help to alleviate the critical nursing shortage experienced here in North America.

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