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Service and treatment resources for mothers of chemically addicted infants Needer, Lana


There is a vast amount of research on the effects of prenatal substance abuse and the treatment of its unfortunate victims. While it is recognized that the answer to the problem of prenatal substance abuse is abstinence from drug and alcohol use during pregnancy, so far this has been an unattainable goal. Abstinence can only be achieved if the programs for addicted pregnant women can successfully engage them and adequately meet their treatment and service needs. Given the alarming increase in recent years of the number of infants born with chemical addiction, it can be assumed the resources for pregnant addicted women are somehow failing. This study explores the specific treatment and service needs of thirteen chemically addicted pregnant women, determines to what extent the current resources available to these women are being utilized for treatment and finally from a consumer's perspective, investigates what kinds of resources these women perceive as most useful in terms of addressing their multifaceted service needs.

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