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An exploratory descriptive study : orthopedic patients' perceptions of satisfaction with nursing care in the emergency room Rohrer, Irene Reiko


The purpose of this exploratory descriptive study was to determine orthopedic patients' perceptions of satisfying and/or dissatisfying nursing care behaviours during their emergency room experience. The conceptual framework selected for this study was based on Risser's (1975) criterion to evaluate patient satisfaction with nursing care. Risser's evaluative criterion consists of four dimensions which include: technical-professional behaviour, trusting relationship, inter-intrapersonal relationship, and educational relationship. The study was conducted in a large metropolitan hospital in the Vancouver area. The sample consisted of seven men and three women. Their ages ranged from 23 to 81 years. All subjects were admitted to the emergency room and subsequently transferred to an orthopedic ward as a result of an orthopedic injury and/or illness. An interview guide was designed by the researcher to collect retrospective data of subjects' perceptions of their emergency room experience. Data were collected through taped semi-structured interviews with all the subjects during their stay on the orthopedic ward. Data were analyzed by categorizing the identified nursing care behaviours under the four dimensions of Risser's (1975) evaluative criterion. The findings indicated that subjects were able to recall satisfying or dissatisfying nursing care behaviours. They appraised and/or commented on the nursing care behaviours which met their basic physical and psychosocial needs. The nursing care behaviours related to the trusting relationship dimension were an integral component of patient satisfaction. The role of the triage nurse was significant in influencing subjects' perceptions of satisfaction or dissatisfaction with nursing care. Overall, subjects expressed satisfaction with the nursing care behaviours in each of the four dimensions.

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