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Artificial hybrids of B.C. spruce species : growth, phenology and cold hardiness Kolotelo, David


The usefulness of interspecific crosses between Sitka spruce (Picea sitchensis (Bong.) Carr.) and interior spruce (Picea glauca (Moench) Voss, Picea engelmannii Parry and their hybrids) was investigated in one coastal environment. For height growth and bud set most of the variation was at the regional and individual cross level, but very little variation was at the subregional level. The main genetic effects, male and female, accounted for a majority of the genetic variance and additive genetic effects are interpreted as the main factor in the determination of height growth and bud set. For bud set the maternal source of variation accounted for the majority of the genetic variance and a maternal influence on bud set is suggested. Some specific cross combinations were outstanding in height growth and non-additive genetic factors are considered important in these crosses. For bud break most of the variation was due to the residual error, although regions and crosses were statistically significant sources of variation. The Female*Male term was the most important genetic source of variation although bud break is not considered to have as much genetic variation as height and bud set. Large differences were found in the pattern of cold hardiness in the fall and it is considered that photoperiod plays a much larger role than previously thought, especially for interior spruce. Most of the variation was again at the regional and individual cross level. The intermediate performance of the hybrids suggests an inheritance of cold-hardiness based on additive genetic effects. Recommendations are given in the text for the use of these hybrids as well as the areas in which further research would be desireable.

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