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A qualitative analysis of native child welfare : an identification of the cultural and structural dimensions of proposed Musqueam Indian Band family and child services Kuperis, Stanley Ronald


The Musqueam Indian band has no formal child welfare agreement with the province of British Columbia. Recently the Musqueam Indian Band has expressed a desire to work towards developing community based child and family services on reserve. This research examines the historical factors as well as contemporary factors relating to child welfare at the Musqueam Indian Band. This research utilized a qualitative research paradigm to identify the specific community dimensions that would be the basis for autonomous family and child services at the band. This study identifies the importance of kinship, linguistic, geographic, religious, experimental and contemporary dimensions within the Musqueam community. This study goes on to provide policy and program recommendations for culturally specific family and child services at the band. This research will be incorporated into a funding proposal put forward to the provincial government for programs and services at the Musqueam Indian Band.

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