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Genetic analysis of the gene Additional sex combs and interacting loci Nicholls, Felicity K. M.


In order to recover new mutant alleles of the Polycomb group gene Additional sex combs (Asx), mutagenized chromosomes were screened over the putative Asx allele XT129. Thirteen new mutant strains that fail to complement XT129 were recovered. Unexpectedly, the thirteen strains sorted into four complementation groups. Recombination mapping suggests that each complementation group represents a separate locus. The largest group fails to complement a deletion of Asx and maps in the vicinity of 2-72, the published location of Asx. All new mutant strains enhance the phenotype of Polycomb mutant flies and are not allelic to any previously discovered second chromosome Polycomb group genes. Therefore, the new mutants may be considered putative new members of the Polycomb group. This study suggests that Asx belongs to a sub-group of genes displaying intergenic non-complementation.

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