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Anglicismes, canadianismes et mots folkloriques dans les dictionnaires Bélise (1979) et Plus (1988) : un aperçu du cheminement du lexique français québécois Sabouné, Samar


Our study deals mainly with two Quebec dictionaries: Dictionnaire nord-américain de la langue française which will be given the name the Bélisle (1979) and the Dictionnaire du français plus designated by the Plus (1988). We have concentrated on the words that the Bélisle (1979) accompanies with: 1- "X" designating the "anglicismes"; 2- "C" designating the "canadianismes"; 3- the "Fleur de Lys" designating the "mots folkloriques". Our goal is to see the changes that the Quebec dialect has undergone from the Bélisle (1979) to the Plus (1988) with regard to the three above categories: whether theses words still exist in the latter dictionary or not, and if so, under which of these categories, if any, they fall. In addition, we have consulted other Quebec dictionaries dating from 1880 to present. These consultations helped us determine, to a certain degree, the year an "anglicisme", a "canadianisme" or a "mot folklorique" was recorded in these dictionaries, signaling therefore their usage for the first time in the Quebec dialect. Our thesis is divided into three chapters: the first one deals with the "anglicismes", the second one with the "canadianismes" and the third one with the "mots folkloriques". Each chapter contains data of each three categories obtained from our consultations of the Bélisle (1979), the Plus (1988) and other Quebec dictionaries.

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