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Modeling of tunnel oxide transistors Chu, Kan Man


Two improvements to a comprehensive analytic model which describes the steady-state current in a metal-insulator-semiconductor tunnel junction are reported. The first modification replaces the conventional two-band representation of the thin oxide band structure with a one-band model. In this approach the electron barrier height for tunneling is always less than the hole barrier height by an amount equal to the semiconductor band gap. The second improvement enables the energy dependence of the electron and hole tunneling probability factors to be taken into account. This is accomplished by expressing the tunneling probabilities as short-term series expressions. The capability of the model to accurately predict the electrical characteristics of metal-insulator-semiconductor (MIS) tunnel junctions is demonstrated by simulating the d.c. and a.c. performance of three major types of transistor with tunnel oxide emitters, namely the tunnel emitter transistor (TETRAN), MIS-emitter transistor (MISET) and polysilicon emitter transistor (PET). Experimental data for the d.c. characteristics of all these devices are available and are found to be well- described by the predictions of the models. No experimental data for the limits of high frequency operation of the TETRAN, MISET and pnp PET have yet been reported. The models presented here suggest what those limits can be expected to be.

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