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Comparison of protein OprF from Pseudomonas syringae with protein OprF from Pseudomonas aeruginosa Ullstrom, Catherine Ann MacDonald


The major outer membrane protein OprF from Pseudomonas aeruginosa was compared with OprF from the fluorescent phytopathogen Pseudomonas syringae. The P. syringae oprF gene was subcloned and sequenced and found to code for a sequence of 344 amino acids containing a 24 amino acid leader sequence. The mature protein, with a deduced molecular weight of 34,225, contained four cysteine residues and an alanine-proline rich area. Comparison of the P. syringae OprF amino acid sequence with the P. aeruginosa OprF and the E. coli OmpA sequences showed that the sequences were most similar at the carboxy-terrninal ends. Restriction enzyme site heterogeneity near the oprF gene from nine different P. syringae pathovars was determined. All pathovars had a conserved SalI site within the gene and conserved PstI. and BamHI sites near the ends of the gene. The location of the PstI and the SalI sites outside the gene was variable, although similar. Immunological relatedness between P. syringae OprF from the different pathovars and P. aeruginosa OprF was confirmed. Protein OprF from all the pathovars was shown to be 2-mercaptoethanol modifiable and more easily heat modifiable than was OprF from P. aeruginosa.

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