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Development and testing of an infrared target tracking system Smith, Richard Lloyd


A novel design for an active point ranging and tracking instrument intended for large work volume applications, is presented in this thesis. The proposed instrument employs two tracking stations at a known baseline distance in order to triangulate on, and dynamically track a pulsed infrared target A prototype instrument, consisting of a single target tracking station and modulated target, has been built and tested. Each target tracking station is composed of a gimbaled mirror optic deflection system and an infrared sensitive camera. The angular resolving capability of the target tracking station is approximately 0.1 degrees when locked on a static target. The target tracking station is able to follow a target moving at a maximum speed of 4.9 meters per second at a distance of 1 meter. Results of static and dynamic testing performed on separate components of the prototype instrument, and on the complete target tracking station are presented.

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