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An experimental investigation of the pointed forebody aerodynamics Stewart, Alan Charles


An experimental investigation into the pointed forebody aerodynamics has been conducted with particular emphasis on the high angle of attack, zero yaw, side force experienced by fighter aircraft and missiles. Towards this end, a slender cone-cylinder model was tested in the low speed wind tunnel with various passive and active side force alleviation devices installed. The asymmetric flow field, induced by the tip generated pair of helical vortices, and its effects on the model are investigated in the presence of several cone tip geometries: a family of nose-booms; a set of delta strakes; a porous tip; spinning nose-boom tips; as well as the standard cone tip. The effectiveness of each tip in reducing the side force is assessed over a range of flight conditions, and compared with the corresponding standard tip data. Reductions in the side force of up to 50% with nose-booms; 88% with delta strake tips; 50% with a porous tip; and up to 75% with spinning nose-booms have been achieved. The applicability and practicality of these devices in aircraft applications are also considered, however, only in a preliminary fashion.

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