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L'art musicale, 1860-70, 1872-94 : prototype RIPM catalogue and keyword-author index : an assay of RIPM methodology and introductory study of the journal Snigurowicz, Diana Christina Sophia


The musicological community has long recognized the need for restrospective periodical indexing. Previous attempts to develop a system to allow access to this monumental documentary resource, however, have not been successful. Realizing the importance of international cooperation and concensus in this effort, the International Association of Music Libraries (IAML) and the International Musicological Society (IMS) approved the creation of the Repertoire international de la presse musicale (RIPM) in 1981 and 1982, respectively. RIPM's initial task was to develop an internationally sanctioned system for cataloguing and indexing writings on music in 19th-century periodical literature. Over the past seven years, RIPM collaborators have developed a system employing computer technology and laser printing techniques for producing computer-generated catalogues and indexes in a camera-ready format. Throughout the developmental stages, the initially proposed indexing methodology has undergone revisions. Moreover, steps towards the utilization of an entirely personal computer-based system of operations—as opposed to the initial mainframe-based system—have been taken. The aims of this thesis are two-fold: (1) to test the RIPM system through the production of a prototype volume, consisting of an annotated title catalogue and a keyword-author index, and (2) to produce an introductory study of the prototype journal, L' Art musical (Paris, 1860-70; 1872-94). The production of the prototype RIPM volume served to test the system in the following ways: (1) to identify problematic areas in RIPM methodology and production techniques, (2) to assay the treatment of journals with extensive publication runs generating large data bases, and (3) to attempt the first trial of an entirely PC-based system of operations. The introductory study of the prototype journal served: (1) to collate information of a biographical, historical, and contextual nature about the journal, its founders and publishers, (2) to analyze the type of subject matter in L'Art musical, and (3) to identify the major contributors. The production of the RIPM prototype led to a comprehensive assay of the system. The following refinements in RIPM methodology and design resulted: (1) several cataloguing situations, not previously encountered, necessitated editorial clarification and the creation of new formats of data entry, (2) the extensive size of the data base led to modifications in the designs of the catalogue and index to reduce the of computer-generated RIPM volumes, and (3) a standardization of editorial principles for French language RIPM volumes was effected. The introductory study of L'Art musical focuses on the journal's publishing history, format and frequency of publication, contents and type of subject matter, and identifies the major contributors, with brief biographical sketches. The study also offers an analysis of review formats, an examination of both the commercial and sociological influences on the type of contents and views expressed in the journal, and a listing of the music supplements offered to subscribers (Appendix I).

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