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Impact of independent instruction on the achievement scores of slow learner students Purdy, Gerald Albert


This study compared the effectiveness of independent lesson reviews with teacher-directed lesson reviews using the same content material. Student improvement was measured by improvement of the mean scores of the students, as determined by their performance on teacher-made tests. The students taking part in the study were grade nine vocational students at W.J. Fenton Secondary School in The Peel Board of Education. The students were tested on their ability to recall names of equipment, on their comprehension of a scientific phenomenon and on their ability to apply a mathematical formula to quantify experimental results. The predicted superior performance of the independent study technique was not confirmed. The students in the teacher-directed reviews performed equally well or better than the students using independent study techniques. However, during the study there was overall improvement in the scores of both groups of students indicating that the teaching strategies applied for this study were effective in assisting the students to improve their subject mastery. Based on these findings it was concluded that independent study strategies are not superior to teacher-directed review methods for students who have learning disabilities but they do have some value in instructional situations where independent study methods must be used.

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