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Local parametric poisson models for fisheries data Yee, Irene Mei Ling


Poisson process is a common model for count data. However, a global Poisson model is inadequate for sparse data such as the marked salmon recovery data that have huge extraneous variations and noise. An empirical Bayes model, which enables information to be aggregated to overcome the lack of information from data in individual cells, is thus developed to handle these data. The method fits a local parametric Poisson model to describe the variation at each sampling period and incorporates this approach with a conventional local smoothing technique to remove noise. Finally, the overdispersion relative to the Poisson model is modelled by mixing these locally smoothed, Poisson models in an appropriate way. This method is then applied to the marked salmon data to obtain the overall patterns and the corresponding credibility intervals for the underlying trend in the data.

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