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Kinetic response of the sequencing batch reactor Ross, Philip Robertson


The kinetic response of the sequencing batch reactor was investigated using 9 lab scale (5 liter working volume) acrylic reactors. The reactors were operated simultaneously in a 3 X 3 factorial experiment using temperature and feed strength as the major independent variables. The experiment was replicated over time. Response was found to be quite variable. The growth response of the activated sludge in the reactors was found to change both with elapsed time during an experiment and between experiments. This implies two fundamental limits on the calculation and application of simple kinetic theory to the SBR reactor and possibly to continuous flow systems as well. Calculation of some standard kinetic constants was performed and the confidence interval in the results calculated. The confidence intervals are quite large, indicating that numerical precision cannot be had with any realistic degree of reliability. The significant difference between dates may create a serious fundamental limitation in this type of experimentation and limit the scope of the results. Similarly, the variation inherent in the sampling process creates an absolute requirement for proper statistical experimental designs to determine the reliability of the results.

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