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The development of personality in Karolina Pavlova's intimate poetry Karwowska, Bozena M.


Karolina Pavlova (1807 - 1893} is one of the most interesting XIX century Russian poets, and an important figure in XIX century literature in general. Once the center of an important literary salon and admired by critics, she died in Dresden almost forgotten. Pavlova's unfortunate personal life interrupted her literary career in Russia. However it enriched the intimate poetry which she wrote during her entire life. This poetry comprises a unique cronicle of the intimate feelings and opinions of a woman poet in XIX century Russia. Following the methods of Roman Jakobson in his "Grammar of Poetry and Poetry of Grammar", in this thesis we try to describe the development of personality in Pavlova's intimate poetry.In our analyses of her poems we examine grammatical forms used in her stanzas. The continuous themes of her poetry - time, events, people - all this information is grammatically included in verbs, so we looked especially for verbs in her poems as the most interesting source of information. Close analyses of some features of Russian verbs (tenses, aspects,numbers, persons and genders), ways of using them and frequency in Pavlova's poems help to examine her point of view on life in general and especially on women's life.This kind of analysis makes it possible to explain her life not by certain events from her biography but by her opinions about life and it's rules.

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