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Analysis of ordered categorical data Chang, Janis


Methods of testing for a location shift between two populations in a longitudinal study are investigated when the data of interest are ordered, categorical and non-linear. A non-standard analysis involving modelling of data over time with transition probability matrices is discussed. Next, the relative efficiencies of statistics more frequently used for the analysis of such categorical data at a single time point are examined. The Wilcoxon rank sum, McCullagh, and 2 sample t statistic are compared for the analysis of such cross sectional data using simulation and efficacy calculations. Simulation techniques are then utilized in comparing the stratified Wilcoxon, McCullagh and chi squared-type statistic in their efficiencies at detecting a location shift when the data are examined over two time points. The distribution of a chi squared-type statistic based on the simple contingency table constructed by merely noting whether a subject improved, stayed the same or deteriorated is derived. Applications of these methods and results to a data set of Multiple Sclerosis patients, some of whom were treated with interferon and some of whom received a placebo are provided throughout the thesis and our findings are summarized in the last Chapter.

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