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Activation of multiple hemopoietic growth factor genes in Abelson virus transformed myeloid cells Abraham, Samuel D. M.


The stringent requirement for hemopoietic growth factors (HGF) in the induction of hemopoiesis in vitro has raised questions as to their possible role(s) in leukemogenesis. Several recent clinical studies have shown aberrant cell growth factor gene activation in patient derived leukemic cells. Assessment of growth factor activity is often based on in vitro bioactivity assays of conditioned media or body fluids. The specificity of this type of endpoint is, however, open to question due to the overlap in biological activities of many HGFs. In assessing the role of growth factor gene expression in a murine myeloid leukemia model I have used a sensitive RNA detection procedure coupled with a vector-probe system that enables the synthesis of uniformly labelled radioactive DNA probes to detect unambiguously the expression of particular growth factor genes. The Abelson murine leukemia virus (A-MuLV) derived myeloid transformants used in this study had previously been shown to produce a multi-lineage colony stimulating activity (CSA). While these A-MuLV transformants were shown to produce GM-CSF, it seemed likely that the multi-lineage CSA was due to another factor. In addition to confirming the expression of GM-CSF mRNA, I was able to show that the cells of all four A-MuLV transformed lines tested also expressed interleukin-3 mRNA. This finding was strongly corroborated by bio-activity data obtained using the CM from the A-MuLV myeloid transformants. Additional preliminary analysis by bioactivity assays have also shown the possible presence of interleukin-6 (IL-6) and a recently described pre-B cell factor suggesting perhaps a common mechanism underlying the activation of these various growth factor genes.

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