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Nationalism in Canadian television Johnson, Lori Jean


Contemporary Canadian television suffers from a severe lack of indigenous programming. The majority of programming available on Canadian television screens comes from foreign sources, predominantly the United States, and most of the programs watched by Canadian viewers are American. The dominance of American programming in Canada has resulted in a television system in which indigenous programming plays a minor role. If the Canadian television system is to achieve the aims for which it was created, domestic programming must become a vital force in the system. What is needed are domestic programs that deal with Canadian nationalism. In this thesis, Canadian nationalism will be defined, and methods for creating television programs in which nationalism is an influential force will be proposed. The suggested changes will focus on entertainment programming, as this is the most popular programming category in Canada. The type of programs necessary will be discussed in detail, and other actions that will help create a framework in which creation of these programs is possible will be outlined. This thesis will show why it is vital that nationalism becomes a significant aspect of entertainment programming, how this can be achieved, and why it should occur as soon as possible.

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