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Situational control and well-being in the institutionalized elderly Lavoie, Cora Emily Marie


This descriptive correlational study was designed to examine the relationship between situational control, and both psychological and physical well-being, in the institutionalized elderly. A convenience sample of 52 elderly institutionalized subjects was selected from two intermediate care facilities. The subjects completed the Perceived Weil-Being Scale, the Situational Control Of Daily Activities Scale, and the Subject Information Sheet. All residents were found to have an overall perception of situational control. However, residents perceived a lack of control for the daily activities of eating and grooming. The majority of residents obtained a moderately high score on the psychological well-being and physical well-being scales. No significant relationship was found between situational control and psychological well-being, or situational control and physical well-being. A significant positive relationship was found between psychological well-being and physical well-being.

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