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The experience of waiting for coronary artery bypass graft surgery Dubyts, Deanna Christine


The purpose of this study W8S to explore and describe the experience of waiting for coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) surgery from the perspective of the individual who h8s a prolonged wait for this surgery. A phenomenological approach was used to guide the study. Data were collected through 17 semi-structured, audio-taped interviews with 7 men and 2 women awaiting CABG surgery. Analysis occurred concurrently with data collection. It was found that there were three interrelated core facets of the experience: the illness, the prospective surgery, and the wait. Each facet held distinct meaning: the illness represented a loss of normalcy and a threat to life; the surgery, both an opportunity to regain normalcy and a threat; and the wait, a "no control" situation which enhanced the losses and threats of the other facets, engendered further losses, and delayed the expected gain from surgery. Within each facet, representative emotional reactions, and coping strategies were identified. The findings indicate that these clients require regular contact and that nursing care must address all three facets of the experience.

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