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The post-disclosure experience of the non-offending father : an exploratory study of child sexual abuse Johnson, Reid William


Although there is an increasing amount of literature on child sexual abuse, there is a dearth of information on the experiences of non-offending fathers of sexually abused children. Uncovering the issues that these fathers encounter after learning about the abuse of their children is essential in designing a therapeutic framework to help these men and their families. This qualitative study explored the experiences of four non-offending fathers of sexually abused children. Each subject was interviewed on video tape for approximately one hour using a general interview guide. The results were categorized into four areas: initial reaction to disclosure, changes in relationships, self issues, the recovery process. Two general themes emerged from these categories: disruption in the father's role as protector and the process of regaining a sense of normalcy. These findings point to the importance of including non-offending fathers in the treatment plans of counselling agencies working with victims of child sexual abuse.

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