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Strategies of a deregulated Canadian airline industry Laviolette, Julie Marie


The U.S. airline industry's experience under a regime of deregulation, as well as the potential forms of strategic interaction in a duopoly are examined in order to determine what strategies Canada's two major carriers should adopt in the deregulated Canadian airline industry. The following recommendations are made to Air Canada and to Canadian Airlines International regarding price, service, and network strategies. First, the carriers should strengthen their hub and spoke operations (i.e. by further consolidating feeder carriers, and offering a high quality of service network-wide). Second, the airlines should strive to control costs (i.e. by reducing labour and fuel costs, while capitalizing on the potential economies of scope attainable through international operations). Finally, the carriers should apply their marketing expertise (i.e. by continuing to develop their yield management systems and frequent flier programs, as well as adopting innovative, new pricing strategies).

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