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An economic impact assessment of the Chilliwack region using an input-output model Heikkila, Richard Aarne


Input-output (I-O) analysis is a technique to model the structure and inter-sectoral flows of an economy. The I-O model can further be used to estimate the magnitude of backward-linked economic activity (indirect and induced effects), and the effect of an increase or decrease in final demand. As well, the model can assess the effect of certain government policies on the output, income, and resource use of regions. In this study, the conceptual and mathematical frameworks of I-O analysis are explained in detail. Technical considerations relating to the construction and operation of regional I-O models are also reviewed. An I-O model of the Chilliwack region is constructed. The structure of the Chilliwack regional economy is evaluated; multiplier estimates of regional sectors are derived; and the response of the Chilliwack economy to specific changes in final demand is simulated.

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