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Radiative lifetime of the B³[Pi]₀₊u̳ state of Br₂ Deng, Qing


The absorption and fluorescence spectra of the molecule bromine corresponding to the transition between the ground state, X¹ Σ[sub o+g], and excited state, B³II[sub o+u], have been measured from approximately 17464 cm⁻¹ to 17480 cm⁻¹. This region of the spectra covered the 14' — l", 15' — l", 17' — 2", 18' — 2", and 19' — 2" vibrational bands. The frequency of each absorption line was calculated and the integrated absorption coefficient under each absorption line was measured. At room temperature, the number of molecules per cm³ for [sup (79,79)]Br₂, [sup (79,81)]Br₂ and [sup (81,81)]Br₂ have been calculated. By using both theory and experiment the radiative lifetime τ[sub rad], from B state to X state of [sup (79,79)]Br₂,[sup (79,81)]Br₂, and [sup (81,81)]Br₂ for v' = 14,15,17,18,19 have been obtained. The predissociation of Br₂ in the B³II[sub o+u] state is discussed.

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