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An exploration of the experience of the patient with cancer pain McIntyre, Marjorie Ruth


This study was designed to elicit the patient's perspective on the experience of cancer pain for the purpose of gaining knowledge that would enable health professionals to intervene more effectively with patients who experience cancer pain. Data were collected by means of in-depth interviews with 10 patients, ranging in age from 44 to 67, each of whom was a patient at an ambulatory pain clinic in Greater Vancouver. A set of questions generated from the literature and the researcher's experience guided the initial interviews. As the interviews progressed, additional questions were formulated from the data. Through a process of constant comparative analysis and validation of analytical data with participants, the researcher was able to construct accounts reflecting the participant's perspectives. An analytic framework was developed from the themes and concept categories in the data. According to the participants in this study, the experience of cancer pain included the pain, the impact of the pain on their well-being, and the strategies they utilized to cope both with the pain and its impact. Participants explained the impact of cancer pain within the context of the coping strategies they employed. Although participants in the study interpreted and managed their pain in very individual ways, common concerns were identified in the experience that have implications for nursing practice and research.

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