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Movements, chamber orchestra Three movements for wind ensemble Trew, Michael Russell


Three Movements for Wind Ensemble, a 13-minute work for a wind ensemble consisting of twenty-five instruments, was composed in Vancouver between 1984-86. The first and third movements of this work are reminiscent stylistically of the Neo-classical tradition, while the second is a passacaglia involving a tonal ostinato juxtaposed with atonal ideas. Ideas, both thematic and structural, while entirely original, except for a 6-bar sequence in measures 59-64 of movement 1, were influenced by specific works of several composers. Stylistically, the composition is tonal, and reflects my background in jazz composition as well as my classical training. Chords are frequently characterized by the use of major second configurations, and melodies are derived from numerous sources. The music of Bach, Stravinsky, and Ives exert strong influences on the work. The work is difficult to categorize structurally, because the first and third movements are not traditional forms. I feel that the piece might appeal to both gifted and average listeners. The individual parts are not complex or difficult to perform, but the resulting ensemble yields an overall complexity. It is my hope that other composers will see the possibilities that I have explored as a basis for further exploration.

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