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Crime prevention through environmental design : the status and prospects for CPTED in British Columbia Piombini, Marino


The "Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design" (CPTED) concept promises to reduce the opportunities and fear of crime in neighbourhoods. By reducing the opportunities for crime, it is assumed that people will become less fearful of moving freely about their environment. This assumption requires further study. This thesis reviews the current status of CPTED in eleven municipalities in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. Based on a series of interviews with law enforcement and planning officials, the thesis examines the promotion, principles and practice of CPTED. The findings suggest that the promotion of CPTED is inadequate. Additionally, CPTED may conflict with other planning objectives. Furthermore, since the concept only promises to reduce the opportunities for crime, evaluating Its performance is difficult. As a result, only a small number of municipalities have incorporated CPTED into their planning process. The thesis concludes that in spite of the limited success of CPTED to date, research on the theory and practice of the concept should continue. Recommendations are suggested to facilitate the implementation, evaluation and promotion of CPTED in the future.

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