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A new method to compare radiation view factors and a study of bare soil evaporation using microlysimeters Streicher, John James


In Chapter 1, a numerical computer technique is developed to determine radiation view factors between planar surfaces whose geometry is sufficiently regular so as to be defined by algebraic equations. This technique does not require spherical, cylindrical or rectangular symmetry, although such symmetries may be exploited when they exist. Once the essential geometric problem is formulated, enough generality can be built into the solutions so that certain "new" configurations, derived from translations or rotations of one surface relative to the other, can be solved as a matter of course. In Chapter 2, a model of bare soil evaporation is tested against measured flux from lysimeters obtained in the Peace River region of British Columbia and Alberta. Hydraulic diffusivity characteristics, measured from separate, adjacent field samples, were used in the model. Certain procedural difficulties in the measurement of hydraulic diffusivity are examined in detail, and recommendations for improvement are made. The degree to which evaporation simulation agrees with measured flux is discussed.

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