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An experimental and finite element investigation of added mass effects on ship structures Glenwright, David George


The Experimental and Finite Element Investigation of Added Mass Effects on Ship Structures comprised three phases : 1) investigation of the fluid modelling capabilities of the Finite Element Program VAST, 2) experimental investigation to determine the effect of the fluid on the lowest natural frequencies and mode shapes of a ship model, and 3) comparison of these experimental results with numerical results obtained from VAST. The fluid modelling capabilities of VAST were compared with experimental results for submerged vibrating plates, and the effect of fluid element type and mesh discretization was considered. In general, VAST was able to accurately predict the frequency changes caused by the presence of the fluid. Experimental work both in air and water was performed on a ship model. The lowest four modes of vertical, horizontal, and torsional vibration were identified, and the effect of draught on the frequencies and mode shapes was recorded. When the experimentally obtained frequencies and mode shapes for the ship model were compared with the numerical predictions of VAST, good agreement was found in both air and water tests for the vertical vibration modes.

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