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Identification of weak nodes in power systems Dehnel, Morgan P.


This thesis describes a method for determining weak nodes in power systems which may cause divergence in Newton-Raphson loadflow methods. When divergence occurs in production loadflow programs, information related to the cause of divergence is not available. The "Weak Node Method" of this thesis provides such information by identifying one or more weak nodes. The development of the Weak Node Method required extensive experimentation with the Newton-Raphson method. The behaviour of the vectors and matrices of the Newton-Raphson method during divergence are discussed in an effort to familiarize the reader with observed trends. These trends suggested the techniques which comprise the Weak Node Method. With this method, a "quasi" solution is sought first, and, secondly, three analysis procedures are then used to pinpoint the weak nodes. The method was tested using three test cases which would normally have caused the Newton-Raphson loadflow method to diverge.

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