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A school district resource centre based implementation strategy for the visual arts component of the 1985 BC elementary fine arts curriculum McKnight, Jennifer Marie


This study examines a British Columbia school district's elementary art and instructional media programs and the role the District Resource Center plays in their implementation. The major purpose of the ivestigation was to determine how the District Resource Center can assist in the effective implementation of the visual arts component of the BC Elementary Fine Arts Curriculum/Resource Guide Book. Secondary purposes of the study were to determine: 1) how the District Resource Center's present art instructional media can be adapted to the proposed implementation strategy and 2) how the art instructional media can be utilized most effectively by the elementary non-art specialist teacher to implement the new elementary art curriculum. Data for this study were collected through questionnaires distributed to district elementary school teachers and principals, and by conducting telephone interviews with the District Elementary School Principal and the Ministry of Education's Curriculum Development Branch co-ordinator. In addition a personal inspection and assessment of the District Resource Center and ten of the district elementary schools was conducted with a view to determining both facilities' suitability for the implementation of an art and instructional media program. The questionnaires in this study relied on the collection of qualitative data; however, the bulk of data collection employed a qualitative research technique based on an ethnographic model as outlined by Eisner (1985) in his article, "On the Differences Between Artistic and Scientific Approaches to Qualitative Research". Research findings have been presented and interpreted using a summary of Eisner's (1985) ten dimensions of artistic inquiry as a framework of reference. Findings from all the data have been compiled to establish a total picture of the School District's present elementary art and instructional media programs. By focussing on the strengths of the district's art and instructional media programs, an implementation strategy has been developed to assist elementary non-art specialist teachers with the implementation of the visual arts component of the BC Elementary Fine Arts Curriculum/Resource Guide Book. The implementation strategy relies on the use of instructional media, therefore the District Resource Center is identified as the primary executor of the implementation strategy. In addition, recommendations have been made on how the Ministry of Education, School District administrators, principals and teachers can assist, since each is considered an important contributor to the total implementation plan.

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