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The dynamics and stresses of bandsaw blades Taylor, John


This study investigates the stresses and dynamics of stationary, idling and cutting bandsaw blades. A method of obtaining an estimate of the stresses in an idling bandsaw blade is presented. The estimate is determined by measuring the stresses that occur when the blade vibrates in its lowest fundamental modes and assuming that the idling behaviour can be represented by a summation of these modes. The natural frequencies of the bandsaw blade have been measured for various operating conditions and the measured results are compared to existing analytical predictions. A modification to the analysis of torsional motion is presented that accounts for the internal stress distribution existing in the blade due to the roll tensioning that such blades receive. The displacements and frequency spectra of the bandsaw blade during the cutting process are obtained. The displacements are compared to the surface of the cut lumber, and the frequency spectra are compared to the dynamic response characteristics of the idling blade. The results of this study will be of interest to those wishing to improve their understanding of the stresses and dynamics associated with idling and cutting bandsaw blades and desiring more accurate predictions of blade natural frequencies.

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