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A high-level graphics language based on the Graphical Kernel System Sun, Hanqiu


Being an application area of programming languages, graphics languages should keep pace with the development of today's programming languages. Data types, structural operations and free layout of statements provide a more effective means of picture generation, i.e., modelling, rendering and viewing. The Graphical Kernel System (GKS), an international standard graphics language since 1984, is specified on a subroutine basis, therefore suffering from the lack of such high-level language features. This thesis investigates and implements the FORTRAN language binding of GKS into a high-level programming language (HL/GKS) by a generated precompiler. The weaknesses and restrictions of GKS and its FORTRAN binding are discussed. The advanced features and functions of HL/GKS are addressed. The graphical syntax and semantics rules of the extended portion of HL/GKS are introduced. It is expected that HL/GKS will have more attractive features and effective productivity for GKS applications compared to the procedure-level GKS system. The input statements of HL/GKS have the capability of picture communication by interactive devices and hence enable the implementation of sophisticated graphical application programs.

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