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A layout generator for stray insensitive switched capacitor filters Lindholm, John Erik


Two software programs have been developed to automatically generate the layout of stray insensitive switched capacitor filters. The first program, CIRCE, uses a SWITCAP filter description to generate an intermediate format filter description that is suitable for direct layout. It groups the filter elements into integrators and then sorts these integrators and their elements. The SWITCAP description can be with or without switch-sharing. The second program, SISCL, lays out the filter in CIF format using a double-polysilicon ISOCMOS process. The layout is done with a capacitor array placed over the switches and the standard-cell operational amplifiers placed beneath the switches. The layout is done with full switch-sharing. Capacitors may be rearranged in the intermediate file to produce better layouts. The software' is written in the C language.

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