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Modular multi-wire drift chambers for the TRIUMF QQD-spectrometer Forster, Brigitta Monica


A modular, multiwire drift chamber was built and tested in the M13 area. The resolution obtained with six sense wires, was in the horizontal drift direction σ(mean) < (79.9± .2)µm, with an angular resolution of (9.37±.02)mrads. With the drift chamber mounted in the first wire chamber position of the QQD-spectrometer, this corresponds to a resolution of 1.97mm FWHM at the position of the scattering target. In the vertical direction, using a charge division method, the best achieved resolution was < 2mm FWHM per wire, which gives an angular resolution of 71mrads or 15mm FWHM at the target position. The chamber was run at rates in excess of 10⁶ particles/sec. A multi-chamber system was tested, consisting of two modular four cell drift chambers for the horizontal direction, and one eight cell modular drift chamber, located in between and rotated by 90°, was used for the vertical position determination. The resolution for one four cell chamber was σ(mean) < (108.5± .9)µm, and for the eight cell chamber σ(mean) < (79.9± .2)µm. The angular resolution for this system was 1.37 mrad horizontally and 9.37mrads vertically; in connection with the QQD-spectrometer, this corresponds to FWHM of 0.267mm and 1.12mm respectively at the target spot.

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