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A floristic and phytogeographic study of Glacial Mountain and vicinity, northwestern British Columbia Donovan, Laurance S.


Botanical exploration in northern British Columbia has lagged behind that of adjacent Alaska and the Yukon Territories. This is particularly true of alpine and sub-alpine areas. For the most part, limited accessibility has restricted plant collecting to within a short distance of the few available roadways. During the course of the present study, botanical field work was conducted in an alpine, sub-alpine area in the Three Sisters Range of the Cassiar Mountains (northwestern British Columbia). Over 1000 vascular plant collections were idenified from the study area. A total of 239 Taxa were recognized representing 116 genera and 44 families. Taxonomic keys to the local flora and an annotated species list are provided. The annotated species list includes : habitat information for each taxon, a list of associated species and, where applicable, a discussion of noteworthy features of the taxon in question. Approximately 13% of the flora examined is listed as rare in British Columbia in Straley et al. (1985). Virtually all of northern British Columbia was overridden by the Cordilleran Ice Sheet during the last major Wisconsin advance (approximately 22,000-15,000 yrs. b.p.). Potential Refugia from which taxa now present in the study area may have migrated post-glacially are discussed. Worldwide distributions of each taxon were examined and seven phytogeographic elements are recognized in the flora.

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