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A technique for the analysis of total power radio continuum data Backhouse, Christopher James


In the fall of 1986 the Galactic Radio Patrol began total power observations with the new seven feed system on the 91 metre radio telescope at Green Bank, W. Virginia. The data were taken at a wavelength of 6 cm, with Nyquist sampling intervals, in the region of the galactic plane corresponding to the coordinate ranges of 1=25 to 225 degrees, and |b| ≤ 5.5 degrees. Existing surveys at 6 cm provide a coverage of the galactic plane over the galactic longitude range 190 to 60 (through 360) degrees. This work is largely complementary in that its coverage is over the galactic longitude range of 25 to 225 degrees. A mapping technique has been developed to fully exploit this data. This technique will allow the mapping of the galactic region with a sensitivity several times that of previously available surveys and with reliable structural information on angular scales of ≤ 1 degree. The above technique was applied to a test region centred upon the supernova remnant G109.1-1.0. The resultant maps were compared to a previously published map of this supernova remnant in order to determine the strengths and reliability of the present reduction method.

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