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Postpartum concerns of mothers Smith, Mary Patricia


Using a questionnaire developed by M. Gruis in 1974, this study determines (a) the major concerns of primiparous and multiparous mothers one month postpartum, and (b) the resources used in meeting identified concerns. The sample was composed of 19 primiparas and 22 multiparas who delivered their babies in a large tertiary care maternity centre in Vancouver, B. C, in January and February of 1987. The most frequently identified major concerns of primiparas were feeding, fatigue, breast soreness, infant behavior, and return of the figure. The most frequently identified major concerns of multiparas were fatigue, regulating demands, emotional tension, jealousy of other children, and the labor and delivery experience. The vast majority of major concerns were dealt with effectively. The women used a variety of resources, and their partners were particularly helpful. However, for 64% of the multiparas in this study, the hospital stay did not provide preparation for the first weeks at home with their new babies. It is recommended that hospital nurses assess the learning needs of postpartum mothers individually, and place more attention on (a) the rest and recuperation of mothers from the birthing process, and (b) ensuring that mothers are able to thoroughly review their labor and delivery experiences. Public health or community health nurses should see their postpartum clients as soon as possible after discharge from hospital. Teaching sessions can occur in the home, and in accordance with individual concerns.

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