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A study of the extent and nature of the need for child care Grace, Lorna Louise


The purpose of this study was to combine practice and research in a community agency. This study examined the extent and nature of the need for child care in Richmond, B.C. for parents who are employed or attending one of three institutions, located within close proximity of each other. The relationships between different variables were analyzed: age of child, type of care, hours of care and preferred location. The results of 237 families were compiled. Out of 237 families there was an indicated need for 217 children. The results indicated that there was a need for child care for children aged 0-13 years. The major types of care required were group care for children 0-5 years of age and out-of-school care for older children. Preferred location for care ranged from the vicinity of home and school to the parents' place of employment. Even though few preferred a centralized location, respondents indicated they were willing to relocate and assist in the development of a centralized facility.

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