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A ²H-NMR study of lipid chain disorder in a model membrane : effect of integral peptide length Macqueen, Robin Michael


Polypeptides of the form: Lys₂-Gly-Leu[sub n]-Lys₂-Ala-amide with n=16, 20 or 24, and of the form: Ac-Leu₁₀-Lys₂-Ala-amide, were mixed with perdeuterated potassium palmitate at peptide/lipid ratios of approximately 1:200 and 1:100. Potassium phosphate buffer (50mM) was added such that the water:lipid molar ratio was 7.75:1. ²H-NMR measurements were made on the samples at 49°C and 65°C. The effect of all peptides was to cause an increase in lipid chain order which varied linearly with concentration. This increase was manifested by an increase in average order parameter for the entire lipid chain of about 20%, from about .11 to .14.

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