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Statistical analysis of the temporal-spatial structure of pH levels from the MAP3S/PCN monitoring network Le, Nhu Dinh


The approach developed by Eynon-Switzer (1983) to analyze the spatial-temporal structure of a data set obtained from the EPRI monitoring network is applied to a data set obtained from the MAP3S/PCN monitoring network. In this approach, a spatio-temporal stochastic model, including deterministic components for seasonal variation and rainfall washout, is fitted to the data. The results indicate that the model fails to capture some of the features of the underlying structure. In an effort to identify an appropriate model for the data, we examine the raw data in detail. An ANOVA model is fitted to the data. Different criteria such as Akaike, Schwarz, Mallows, etc, are used to identify the 'best' submodel (i.e. eliminate some terms in the full ANOVA model). The results indicate that it is possible to capture the deterministic component of the model with a much smaller model (i.e. fewer parameters). The normality of the residuals is also examined. The results indicate that the data from all stations except one can reasonably be approximated as coming from normal distributions.

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