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ESR on spin-polarized atomic hydrogen at temperatures below 0.5 K Statt, Bryan Wayne


Spin-polarized atomic hydrogen (H↓) gas at low temperatures (<0.5 K) has been studied using Electron Spin Resonance (ESR) techniques which allow direct measurements of the densities of H atoms in each of the two lower hyperfine states (a and b). It has been demonstrated that ESR can be made to yield accurate and detailed information about the decay of H↓ densities in time. Crucial to the analysis of the data is the ability to confine the sample of H↓, gas inside the liquid ⁴He coated microwave cavity where the magnetic field and temperature are well known. Measurements of K[sub aa] and K[sub ab], the two surface recombination rate constants, and their ratio γ=K[sub aa]/K[sub ab] have been made and from these results the binding energy of H on liquid ⁴He has been extracted. Also reported are the results of the first detailed study of the one-body surface relaxation rate which we find is due to microscopic magnetic impurities in the cell walls. Theoretical calculations of the two-body dipole-dipole relaxation rate of H↓ in the gas and on the surface are also presented.

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