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Computer aided programming of a CNC lathe Moore, Robert Keith


A software package and associated hardware have been developed which gives users of the ORAC CNC Training Lathe an easier and faster method of manufacturing on the lathe. The package, entitled ORACAP, uses the computing power of a mini-mainframe computer, a VAX 11/750, to assist in part design, program generation, program optimization, and program proving for the ORAC Lathe. The package is designed for users unfamiliar with computers such as students in an educational institute or workers in a production facility and uses command procedures to simplify the preparation and execution of the modules of the package. In addition to providing users with a valuable tool for manufacturing, ORACAP also gives users insight into the Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing methods used in industry, that is, it demonstrates the methods which allow production of a part from a very concise description of its geometry. Finally, ORACAP demonstrates the production advantages of a CAD/CAM system over conventional manufacturing methods for small to medium size batch production.

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