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Mean delay analysis for unidirectional broadcast structures Pang, Joseph Wai Ming


Unidirectional broadcast structures constitute a class of high performance local network architectures. They are very flexible and well suited for fiber optic implementation. The access methods used in these networks are often based on certain implicit token-passing mechanisms to provide superior delay-vs-throughput characteristics. The performance of these unidirectional broadcast protocols is evaluated in this thesis via a study on the classical token-ring system. Emphasis is placed on the analysis of mean delay-vs-throughput performance for the gated exhaustive service discipline under asymmetric traffic. The analysis involves examination of the statistical behaviour of interacting queues. A number of exact results are derived and based on these results, a very good approximation for the average delays is developed. The approximation agrees closely with exact numerical solutions over a wide range of system parameters. The implications of the approximation are also discussed.

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